Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Will Corbett Give Conti The Axe?

Check this out, from John Micek's Morning Call politics blog "Capitol Ideas." 
"Absolutely," Corbett told reporters this morning when he was asked whether he wanted to scrap the six-figure position now held by Joe [Da CEO] Conti, a former Republican state senator from Bucks County. Conti, who is paid $156,000 a year, was appointed to the job by ex-Gov. Ed Rendell.
"I have never saw the reason for the initial appointment for the CEO. I still don't see the reason for the appointment of the CEO," Corbett said. "But I need two votes. I need two votes on the board to change that."
"Absolutely." And with the ethics issues that came out today, I'm guessing that the board member he's looking to replace to get those two votes...is PJ "PJ" Stapleton. That will shake things up.

"Shit! We all just got fired!"
This is a great solution. I've been concerned about Conti's gaffes and screw-ups. They're great for privatization, the man is The Gift That Keeps On Giving, but...he's been delivering too much lately. I was afraid that he was finally going to get canned, and then they might replace him with someone who's actually got the chops for the job. That would give us The Newman Problem: a PLCB that's just good enough to lull people to sleep and keep stumbling along, when we could get rid of the thing and get the good booze access other Americans enjoy -- at least, that some of our neighbors do.

But dump Conti and the whole CEO position? Brilliant, why the hell didn't I think of that? It's because governments rarely allow any position to go away, but we might get lucky. If Corbett started cutting a top manager from the PLCB every month...well, it would be a start!

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