Thursday, October 23, 2008

North Carolina Shows Why State Stores are Actually a Great Idea

It's tempting to post this with no comment, but... I can't. So read the comment after the post (and thanks to the amazing Mark Brown for the clip).
North Carolina: State shuts down Pembroke ABC store
Source: Fay Observer
The state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission has shut down the Pembroke ABC store because of misconduct and gross negligence, according to a state official.
The state's Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE, is that just too funny, or what?) took possession of the store and its contents Monday. The store, at 203 N. Vance St., will remain closed until the commission can determine whether the operation of the store is justified, said Michael Herring, the commission's administrator.
The ALE has been investigating the disappearance of public funds at the store. A recent audit showed more than $20,000 worth of inventory was missing during fiscal 2007-08, Herring said. There have been problems in previous years with missing inventory and money from the same location.
"Preliminary findings reveal a clear lack of fiscal controls to safeguard public monies and unacceptable management practices for conducting public business in accordance with state ABC laws,'' Herring said in a letter to Pembroke ABC board Chairman James Maynor. The commission notified the board of its decision Monday.
The state ordered that the store be closed immediately because of "gross negligence and misconduct,'' the letter stated.
The ALE investigation is continuing and charges could be filed, Herring said

See, the reason that this incident proves that State Stores are such a great idea is that when your State Store employees start screwing you blind (even though they're under your control and keeping that dangerous booze away from those uncontrollable private business types), you can shut them down "immediately," without worrying about any kind of consequences. Cuz, you know, you control it. With a capital K.