Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The vote on HB11 was called off yesterday, debate suspended before it came to a vote, actually. There's been a bit of spin on this, but what that almost certainly means is that they knew they didn't have the votes. I understand it was close, within three or four votes. You can get some of the details here: Morning Call Harrisburg reporter John Micek and Union president Wendell W. Young IV were on WHYY's Radio Times show this morning. Pretty plain talk.

So...once again, although 60-70% of Pennsylvanians continue to say they're in favor of privatization, the Legislature continues to balk it. On the other's not dead. Talk to your reps, let them know that you want privatization. Let them know you expect a real response from them as well.

Until then...postponed.


Nathan Benefield said...

Reports via the Twitter indicate there will be a House vote coming on Monday (June 18)

Tom said...

Some of the people that work in these stores do try their best for customers. I understand that the system is backwards in a number of areas, but there are caring people employed in the PLCB that do whatever they can to bring in products and accommodate customers, help with selections, etc.

I am a 23 year old and finishing my masters degree. I work as a clerk in these stores and I do understand that I could basically lose my job at any point. I think a big issue is the lack of standards for service among all of the stores. I respect your opinion, of course, but please don't think that we are all incompetent bums working for the PLCB. For those that think we are overpaid - I make less than a Sheetz/Wawa clerk. On a side note, I do certainly wish that beer (six packs, especially) was more accessible.

Lew Bryson said...

Tom, I fully understand what you're saying, and you hit the nail right on the head: "I think a big issue is the lack of standards for service among all of the stores." I HAVE run into an occasional gem in the stores, someone who really cares. But there are way too many who don't, because they don't have to, and then the main problem rears its head: we have to go there, we have no choice.

Are you full-time, or part-time? Does that make a difference on what you're paid?