Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Which I Encourage You To Emulate Gandhi

I've skirted this. I've joked about it. I've said we don't need to do this. But in the wake of the disaster that was Mike Turzai's effort to get privatization passed -- the no good HB11, the botched politicking -- I have decided on a simple proposition.

Stop Buying Wine and Liquor in Pennsylvania.

We are told, time and again, that this is about revenue. That any privatization bill must be "revenue-neutral." To the Legislature -- which has denied the will of the people on this issue for decades -- the sustained existence of the State Stores is all about the money. I would suggest that what we should then do is deny them that money to make them change their minds and make law for the people. In short, 

If the Legislature will not give us privatization, we will go to New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, wherever we choose, and take it. 

This is breaking the law. It's part of the Pennsylvania Code. We're told it's not enforced (which is a lie), so you should be safe. I say that if they start enforcing the law...we go to civil disobedience, and organize mass violations. We march across the state lines to liquor stores, buy a bottle, and come back to PA and let the police arrest us and seize our booze. 

I don't think it will reach that point, but if it does, we will organize, and do it. In the meantime...join me. Because I am done with the State Stores. From now on, I buy my wine and spirits in other states in open defiance of this bad law. 

An unjust law is no law at all. (St. confirmation saint)

If you need instructions, there's a handy guide here. Enjoy. 


Al Brooks said...

I'm way ahead of you. Haven't bought any booze in PA in years. Screw the PLCB.

Anonymous said...

We miss your business Al. !!!!!! Lol

CatchMeIfYouCan said...

I see the same lot that polluted the poll are already at work here.

Sure thing, I plan to continue this 20-year practice of mine of frequenting DE & NJ stores. Not surprisingly, this debacle has made me even more resolute.

Was going to go public with my name, but decided against--they'll have to get a court order for Lew's IP logs instead.

Anonymous said...

They had almost 2 BILLION in sales last year do you really think you can affect there sales enough to matter . You guys should take up a new cause maybe try property tax reform! !!!!

Lew Bryson said...

And yet, according their annual audit, they had over 50 unprofitable stores -- with a police-enforced monopoly! -- and ran at a loss. The "profit" they sent to the general fund came from selling assets.

Yeah, I think we can affect things. With publicity, if not actual dollars. Just a tip: you might be more effective if you didn't use as many exclamation points and left a name.

Ray Knuth( said...

I am with you Lew, since me living near the Maryland border. I always go to Maryland to get liquor and wine since the taxes are lower. I love screwing it to the State police and PLCB.

1winedude said...

Well said! I actually blogged the same advice a few years ago - vote with your wallet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lew. I'm a state store worker in SE PA, and I frequent your website for news with regards to the PLCB. I'm not here to sling mud or waste time defending the PLCB. But I do want to point out something you probably already know: your biggest obstacle is the fact that opponents of privatization (mainly state store workers, obviously) have a lot more to lose than supporters of privatization have to gain. The average person, even if they're pro-privatization, is difficult to inspire to match the fervor of someone whose job is at stake. As a side note, even though we're a bit at odds, I do have a healthy amount of respect for you. Much more than I have for Joe Conti or many other knuckleheads in the PLCB's highest tiers. God bless.

Lew Bryson said...

It's absolutely true what you say; that's why I have that quote up there in the upper right corner.
Thanks for your courteous comments.