Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Postponed II...and a modest proposal

Privatization is on hold till the fall, according to KYW (and an interview with Rep. Turzai), and I'm thinking that's not a bad thing. HB11 as it stood was not good enough, and was pissing off people who had to be in it to make it work. And it sounds like Rep. Turzai was pissing some people off as well; maybe the Governor's involvement will help.

In the meantime...we should help too. Take a look at my earlier suggestions for a clean bill, and discuss them with your representatives and senators. We don't want a repeat of the Washington bill, we want one that will give us normalcy.

Or if you want to make it really simple...check out this 1987 proposal for privatization that would cut through the whole Gordian shebang.  How about it:
The plan shall provide for the transfer of all the property, inventory records and employes of the State Store system and the liquor wholesale distribution system to the Department of General Services on or before June 30, 1987, for appropriate disposition as provided by §  7.343 (relating to divestment of State Stores and initial private licensing). 
That's right, check out 7.343, because it's a doozy, a brutally simple way to get the damned job done.
(3)  Termination of State Store operations. The Department of General Services shall develop a plan for the disposition of the State Store system which provides for the continued operation of each State-owned liquor store for up to 90 days following the auction of the right to purchase the property of the store. The Department shall further provide for the continued operation of liquor wholesale distribution for a maximum period of twelve months to the extent necessary to provide an adequate supply of consumer products and services during the phase-in of operations of private retail outlets and wholesale distributors. Each State-owned liquor store may remain in operation for not more than 45 days, but not later than June 30, 1988, following the opening of the substitute privately licensed wine and liquor store in order to assure adequate continuity of services to the public. 
Hear that sound? That's a clean break with the State Stores. Tell your representatives to have a look at this...because they LOVE pre-written laws that they don't have to work on.

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