Wednesday, September 2, 2015

PLCB - The Avis Of PA Corruption

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Celebrates the First Federal Charges of the decade!


Harrisburg: The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board today welcomed local officials and the public to the grand sentencing of the former Fine Wine and Good Spirits Premium Collection Store Marketing Director Jim Short. After the guilty plea, refreshments selected by Mr, Short himself will be available at many State Stores.

Jim's new address offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere for convicts to browse the extensive selection of PLCB Wine and Spirits magazines. The focal point of his new residence is a large center table in the mess hall, where convicts can always find staff to answer questions or provide recommendations. Jim is looking forward to seeing his old friends, Joe "Water Heater" Conti and Pat "PJ" Stapleton soon. Perhaps even Jerry "Muddy" Waters will stop in too.

The PLCB only has us in Liquor Jail, we have them in REAL Jail
Rotten at the top, rotten at the core..
Just like the old AVIS commercial that said they try harder, the PLCB is shooting to be the most corrupt agency in PA, displacing the Turnpike Commission, which held that distinction for years.

This is the brain trust that started "modernization," wine kiosks, spent millions to come up with "Fine Wine And Good Spirits," went into competition against Pennsylvania's wineries in their own state (though strangely all the paperwork has gone missing and nobody can remember who came up with that idea). Did I mention the wine kiosks?

This is what the PLCB has been like for decades, a good ol' boy network of political hacks and has-beens doing favors, taking bribes, arranging sweetheart deals, swimming in nepotism, and generally not giving a crap (until their position is threatened, that is).

Is this what Pennsylvania needs? Or would we be better off with the free market that is proven to work in the 42 other states that don't sell alcohol to their citizens?  What do we really get for this system? Are we safer? Not if you look at the national statistics. Are we better served? Let's ask the people who spend upwards of $300 million out of state: regularly. Are we satisfied? In 40 years of scientific polling there has never been one in favor of the state stores over private retail. I guess the citizens know what works since private retail is how you buy everything else in the state!

This isn't the time for new paint and baskets, this is the time for real change. Change to something that works and has worked since the founding of the state: the free market. The time for 1930's thinking is past and has been for a long time. It is time for the PLCB to be tossed on the junkpile.



Anonymous said...

Speaking of PLCB corruption, can you please remind me exactly what happened at the PLCB warehouse in South Philly that led to several employees being fired at the same time?

Lew Bryson said...

That's a great question. I'd love to know that myself, but the PLCB has never been forthcoming about its "internal investigation" into that matter. I've asked them directly, but they refused to speak about it over the phone or through email, and we weren't able to set up a face-to-face.

Anonymous said...

First- they were bullying the licensees - into giving them tips and free stuff like pizza - or free drinks at the bars - if they wanted the cars or trucks loaded with their liquor. One of the clerks that work there saw was going on and wanted a piece of the action and the head manager would not give in to her demands and she rated them out, hence the internal investigation. this is true..

Anonymous said...

Would any governments or police forces be able to tell you instead?

Albert Brooks said...

There was the matter of $25K in missing inventory too.

Anonymous said...

The missing inventory was given out to licensees for money, some of those people got their job back. I think a total of six people lost their job.

Anonymous said...

Did they prosecute? We're the licensees charged?

Lew Bryson said...

Inquirer stories...