Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2 years in - time to say thanks

Here it is, 2 years since I started writing the blog thanks to Lew's kind offer.  Hard to believe there could be so many things wrong with the PLCB that I could write almost 140 posts in that amount of time. I hope I've kept up the standard Lew set when he started this blog.

2 down, less than 1 to go with luck!
I couldn't have done this as well as I hope I'm doing without all the clerks and office workers passing along tips and information; in a number of instances, things I would never have found out about by myself.  I'm sure our local union stalker would love to root out who they are, but I delete their emails and chats so their identities are protected.

There are a number of Legislators that need thanking. They know who they are, and I appreciate them helping to further the cause. And of course, the readers, to whom I hope this has been a source of information and thought. I know we have PLCB employees who read this but never act on what is brought up. They still can't get all the "Jack Daniel's/Jack Daniel/Jack Daniels" entries correct and I've mentioned that three or four times just this year. 82 years isn't long enough, I guess. (Guys, a tip: put a sticky note on the side of your monitor: "It's Jack Daniel's") Of course, thanks to the FBI for proving what we all knew.

I know we have Legislators on both sides who read us too, some of them want to do what their constituents want and some do not, and some do but aren't allowed by their party, and there are some who don't have a clue what this is all about. Horse, water - you know the rest.

My standard has always been to be able to back up and prove all the factual information I post and to accept anything that disproves it. So far I've not had any takers. I intend to continue that policy, because factual information is the basis of any reasonable discussion.

Here's hoping that year number 3 will be the last, because the State Store System will be a relic of the past.

On a side note to another story, it has now been two months and the PLCB still hasn't figured out how to use those computers enough to put out unaudited numbers for the year.


Anonymous said...

No offense but I sincerely must make a criticism of this blog: why are so few of the posts about PLCB stores themselves and the shopping experiences in them? I really think the UFCW anonymous trolls would be more respectful if you would post about the stores instead of posting about more esoteric matters.

Lew Bryson said...

I don't really care at all how the UFCW feels about what gets posted here, first off. They're not at all the audience.

But mostly, if I have a good experience at a State Store, I've blogged about it, back when I was still actually writing these posts. I've actually blogged as much about experiences with good service at the State Stores as I have about bad. But I don't see the point in saying when things suck anymore; they pretty much suck most of the time, and I think people know that. It's only news when I get good service.

I laid out the Reasons early on, and they're still linked on the side of the page. Since then, it's mostly been about the title of the blog: Why the PLCB Should Be Abolished.

Albert Brooks said...

I find it hard to write about shopping at the stores when I don't shop at the stores. That isn't to say I don't look, I just don't shop there.