Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wiretaps - The most fun you can have with the PLCB

Wiretaps are a wonderful thing.  How I envision the FBI caught the PLCB Marketing Director and who knows how many more. 

MD = Marketing Director
S = Salesman

S: Uh,,,,hello.  Is this the marketing director of the PLCB?

MD: It is, how may I help you?

S: Well, I've got some wines I'd like to talk to you about.

MD: What type of wines?

S: These are pretty good wines that I'm sure you'd like if you tried them.

MD: Sir, there are forms to fill out and deposits to be made.

S: I understand that but if YOU were to try them then I think we could reach an agreement.

MD: I'm not against giving new businesses a chance.  Do you golf?

S: Not well

MD: I'm sure we could meet up on the course to discuss your wines and then sample them after a round or two.

S: That would be great!

MD: I know of a nice little course down in South Carolina that I have been to before. Would that be OK?

S: Ahh....Sure, they have some great courses down there.

MD: Have your driver pick me up at 8 Thursday next week and I can leave from Philly, First Class of course.

S: Of course. We'll have a car and room waiting for you too.

MD: Can I bring a guest? My boss might want to come.

S: I think we can handle that.

There will be some expenses too I'm sure.

S: No Doubt, Will a thousand or two cover it?

MD: Two should cover them.

S: We'll settle that up on the course then.

MD: Good, I'm sure that the PLCB will welcome your addition to our inventory as soon as I get back. Oh, and I'll need a couple of cases to stock our "Tasting Room" with so the Board and other Directors can try it too.

S: Just let me know when.

Bursts of laughter are then heard on the tape presumably from the agents involved.

Corruption causes prices to be higher then they would be otherwise.  So if you don't see prices going down at the local state store - guess what.......



Anonymous said...

I still do NOT want beer (or cigarettes, or soda, or lottery tickets, or cheese, or snacks) sold at the store where I buy booze. And I don't want to shop in a warehouse environment for booze unless it's a wholesale store. But other than that, I look forward to privatization.

Lew Bryson said...

Under privatization, someone as inordinately picky as you would actually have a choice of stores, which we don't have under the corrupt monopolistic State Stalinist Store System.

Albert Brooks said...

I don't think that grocery stores should be selling floor cleaner so i don't go down that aisle. Is there a particular reason you don't want a one stop shop for alcoholic beverages? It is what most people want overall.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to stereotype, but I think cheap cigarettes and cheap beer attract a "Walmart" crowd if you know what I mean.

Lew Bryson said...

Whereas cheap wine, which the PLCB always stocks in huge supply (my local store has a whole aisle devoted to box and jug wine), attracts such an upscale crowd, more "Target," right? In a privatized state liquor system, there would even be a store for bigots like you. Pretty cool, right?

Albert Brooks said...

We sometimes get comments about people not liking the 1% but you are the first who doesn't like the 60%.

Lew Bryson said...

The comments that are coming in are degenerating into name-calling; they're not getting posted.