Monday, November 10, 2014

PLCB - We only like Veterans sometimes...depends on the place and time.

Unlike for far less important holidays, the PLCB doesn't know what the proper plan for Veteran's Day should be. From the 2014 PLCB Holiday schedule:

VETERANS’ DAY – Tuesday, November 11, 2014 
While most Fine Wine and Good Spirits stores will be open per their regularly scheduled hours, some will have alternate hours or remain closed on Veterans’ Day. Please call ahead.

Without Vets you wouldn't be open any other day

Support your Veterans. Shop in states that allow you the freedom that they protected and not socialism of the state store system; and tell the new governor: abolish the State Stores, rewrite the Code.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of veterans, Media PA (the county seat of Delaware County) is home to Pennsylvania Veterans Museum, which sits in the basement of a Trader Joe's store. From 1955 to 2005, the PLCB had a store next door to the current Trader Joe's site, but moved it to the complete other side of Media shortly after Trader Joe's opened. This is their current store in Media:

It really is charming with a 1920s decor, and is an adaptive reuse of a former bank. But what's ridiculous is that the old store moving was totally contrary to the whole idea that now is called "convenience 2020" and the need that led to the one-stop shops opening. Now the 1955 PLCB store is a Hallmark Gold Crown store, which is charming but is no complement to its grocery store neighbor.

The parking at the current PLCB store is an absolute nightmare. There only are about eight spots, in a very small square lot, and these are not just for the PLCB store but for an auto tag business in the same building!

On top of the parking nightmare, the Media PLCB store, while very nice aesthetically for a PLCB store, is only about 8,500 square feet. While double the size of the old store, this newer store is still very cramped with narrow aisles, and seems way too small for demand, even though Media has many restaurants, bars and BYOBs.

The worst part of this whole chain of events... is that a former Acme supermarket, measuring 20,000 square feet, is barely a block from the current PLCB store. On the Main Line, the PLCB has repurposed at least two former Acme stores. The former Acme in Media WAS EMPTY AND AVAILABLE at the time the PLCB selected their current store site! And it had more than twice as much parking! Personally I think the whole thing should have become a wine/spirits store, but both that and a beer store could have fit comfortably.

Anonymous said...

Great post. The VFW folks I met with tonight agree 100%. Three out of ten "boots on the ground" clerks are vets or wives/ children of disabled vets. It is a civil service job with veterans preference. They all wonder 100% what you WON'T say, true or not, and wonder which of the 17 vets in the picture you would kick to the curb. Really Albert. If you wanted to stir something up you just did!

Albert Brooks said...

Well John, I am a vet so that puts me a unique position of just wanting to kick you to the curb. While I am sure that there are a number of Vets working in Civil Service I really can't say if there are as many as you say. I usually back up my statements.

In any case it just proves that your lack of comprehension is still as strong as ever. It isn't the PLCB that has Veterans preference, it is the civil service which is something the PLCB wants to get away from. Also the point was they don't have a consistent way of treating Veteran's Day which to me as a Vet is wrong. Either close or open but at least be consistent.

Remember, without Vets you wouldn't be open to begin with.

Oh, and the Marines I was with for the Marine Corps birthday think the state stores suck too.

Albert Brooks said...

Since I know you read this John maybe you can get your "boots on the ground" to read the Executive Summery Item #9 that shows the beloved PLCB wanting to change those Civil Service requirement to. and I quote: "Allowing the PLCB to make employment decisions outside of Civil Service,.." and "place the right people in the right positions..." Which means that they don't have that now.

Anonymous said...

Some stores are normally closed on Tuesdays so they wont open just for Veteran"s Day