Friday, November 14, 2014

PA doesn't deserve the best (or maybe the PLCB doesn't know what good is). Part 5

The Wine Spectator Top 10 list started to come out this week, and this is another place where the people of PA can see in so many ways that they are not treated as most other citizens are when it comes to having the best available.

Today, Friday 11/14 their Number One wine was introduced.  The PLCB has managed to score just one of the other top wines so far.

The #1 wine according to The Wine Spectator is:

#1 - Dow's Vintage Port 2011 - 5,000 cases.  The big question is can you buy this in PA?  The answer is Yes, 6 stores carry it.  Not the availability you can find in MD, NJ or NY but if you hurry you may be able to get one of the 14 bottles in the state.

Who would have bet that the PLCB managed to out do itself and get two out of the ten top wines in stock?  I know I wouldn't.  Although with just 6 stores having it "in stock" is a push. Next week I'll take a look at numbers 11 to 25 and see if the PLCB can redeem itself with a better showing in any way at all.  I'm guessing they may have 2 maybe 3 of the 15.

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