Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority is better than the PLCB

A few reasons why the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, a purely public agency, is better than the so-called "publicly owned" PLCB.

The PLCB Motto

1. They deliver 24/7/365.
2. You can get what they have on any holiday.
3. Nobody wants to replace them.
4. Run by people with real world experience, not political hacks.
5. Doesn't mind competition from privately-sold bottled drinks.
6. Not millions of dollars in debt.
7. Tens of thousands of places to get their product; in fact, they deliver to EVERY home.
8. They have never ran out of stock.
9. Never closes when a hurricane is 300 miles away.


10. Oh yeah, they have a Sommelier on staff and the PLCB doesn't.

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