Monday, August 1, 2016

The Case Of The Missing Wine

How stupid do the PCLBureaucrats think we are?
As stupid as they are, apparently.

On July 19th I put up a post called Insider Trading, about a missing case of $3,000 a bottle wine, and how it didn't show up on any inventory the PLCB had available to the public. The PLCB explanation was that they deleted all the codes while it was in transit being "hand carried" (because of the heat) to their Ardmore store for sale.

Really? The people who have stackouts of wine sitting the windows of their stores, in the summer sun, suddenly care about heat? Remember, these are the folks who stored wine in the summer in uncooled trailers because they couldn't control inventory.(1) The same people who have been cited by the Attorney General because the auditors: "received little response from management to demonstrate its follow up and resolution to ensure that store inventories are properly accounted for."(2) 

Deleting the codes while the wine is "hand-carried" isn't just a lie, it's a stupid, ridiculous whopper of a lie. Here's why.

1. Items are not dropped from inventory when they are transported. Not once, not ever; you lose the ability to properly account for things if you do.
2. Since the Chateau Ausone 2003 has not been on the inventory since at least June 20th (3) and probably earlier, the PLCB expects us to believe that it took 40 or more days to be "hand-carried" from wherever it was (they didn't say) to Ardmore?
3. Doesn't it seem ridiculous that an extreme luxury product was off-book, not available for sale, for at least 40 days because they were too incompetent to have a listing the public could find?

And on the subject of selling $3,000 a bottle wine... While the Ardmore store is #11 in overall sales, I would have put it in the Philly store on Chestnut Street, or West Chester: you know where the money is. Which begs the question of why it wasn't there to begin with, and why a whole case went to just one store and not split out to three or four. What retailer with 600 locations would do that? Only one: the one that doesn't have to worry about what anyone thinks and is immune from any and all decisions that a real business has to take into account.
Here it is listed on 7-30 but it isn't in the online inventory
To make things even more interesting and proving the PLCB is lying to the public, the Chateau Margaux 2000 (Code #18864, list priced at $2,499.99, on sale for $1,499.99), which was on the inventory on July 28th disappeared on July 30th...but was still listed on the FWGS website. Is it in transit too, being hand-carried by somebody on a leisurely stroll, like the Chateau Ausone? Why is it still listed on FWGS if, as the PLCB says, they remove things when they are in transit? Not even the PLCB can have it both ways.
9:30PM 7-31. Only some PLCB cube rat knows how to decipher this.

So here it is, 9AM on the first day of the big sale and after over 40 days of being hand carried the Chateau Ausone 2003 somehow did make it to the Ardmore store and the public can find it online. Of course, inventory should be able to be found online in almost real time. No such luck with the Chateau Margaux 2000. It was for sale and found just a few days ago but now it has disappeared into the bowels of PLCB incompetence. When and where it may ever be seen again who knows, certainly not the public.

Just another example of how the PLCB does not benefit the citizens. Lying, graft, nepotism, kickbacks, and who know what else?


(1) From the Auditor General report.
  • Pittsburgh: Inventory jumped from 300,000 cases to 575,000 cases in 2010, exceeding storage capacity. PLCB management decided to put 72,277 cases of excess merchandise in 57 non-temperature controlled trailers.
  • Philadelphia: Inventory reached 763,470 cases. 20,240 cases were moved to non-temperature controlled trailers.
(2) Auditor General report pg 35. Not online but I have a copy I can send if you want to see it.

(3) PLCB inventory for April 21 shows it listed, inventory for June 20th does not have it. It disappeared somewhere between those dates and didn't show up again until July 30. Again, I have copies of the inventory reports since they are not online any longer...and isn't that a surprise?

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Anonymous said...

If the bottles exist how can they sell it if it is not listed in inventory? The bottled needs to be swiped and the POS looks to its inventory for price and other details and then after the sale the system adjusts the inventory to reflect the sale. Doesn't make much sense unless there was an after hour staff meeting in the wine room.