Monday, November 30, 2015

Why Its Not Safe To Go Into The Woods - A PLCB Horror Story

Not satisfied that their stupid laws, random enforcement, idiotic "interpretations," and never being checked for underage sales are killing enough citizens, the PLCB figures that having more stores open with longer hours for the start of hunting season fits their goal of  " exercise of the police power of the Commonwealth for the protection of the public welfare, health, peace and morals of the people of the Commonwealth...:

So while DUI, Underage DUI, DUI Fatalities, Underage DUI Fatalities, Binge Drinking, and Underage Binge Drinking is worse in PA than most of the border states, apparently drinking, driving to game lands, and hunting is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged by the PLCB.

They are getting sneaky about it too. In my first blast at this insane policy in 2013 they put out a separate announcement stating that these stores would be open early just for hunting season.  I'd link to it but the PLCB no longer  has it listed. In 2014 they combined it with the Thanksgiving holiday extended hour increases as shown here. Now they are trying to just outright hide the fact they are expanding store hours for hunting season by not listing it at all.  When you look at this year's announcement there is no mention of  Holidays or Hunting Season. All you get now is a flat "The following stores will have extended store hours in late November." However, if you look at the stores that are open or have extended hours on November 30th it is only because of hunting season.

So if you find yourself in the woods on November 30th, remember that the PLCB did their best to make sure all those people with guns were able to get liquor. I wonder how many cows would survive if they didn't ?


Unknown said...

This post confuses me a little. I just stumbled upon your site and the rest of it seems to be advocating for privatization; however, this post seems to be washing the PA state system for making alcohol available for longer hours.

Wouldn't a privatized system likely do the same thing?

Lew Bryson said...

It's about the hypocrisy. The PLCB's middle name, after all, is "Control." One of the glib reasons we're always fed about why we must keep the state's monopoly on wine and spirits sales is because they're controlling the citizens' base impulses toward dangerous drunkenness. And yet...the PLCB makes sure that hunters can get their bottle of Jacquin's Blackberry Brandy before arming up.
Would a private store do the same? Undoubtedly. But they wouldn't be self-righteously lying to you while they did it.

Albert Brooks said...

Jacob, I can't improve on Lew's answer. The point bing that for a private owner he tries to do what is best for his business. The State on the other hand is supposed to do what is best for the citizens and opening up early to make sure people can get booze before using firearms doesn't seem to fit that. As Lew implied, utter hypocrisy.