Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Citizens say Democrats holding up Liquor Privatization.

 Commonwealth citizens — we, the people forced to shop at State Stores — issued the following statement today.

The Citizens are disappointed in the House and Senate Democrats for not being able to help put together a budget that builds on the record education funding of last year and provides the relief from the state store system we have been asking for over the past 45 years.

Citizen spokesman Joe Sixpack reiterated that "There has never been a scientific poll in favor of the state stores. Given the choice of our current system or what the people see in free states they choose freedom every time." He continued with, "The state stores will never be as convenient as 1800-2400 private stores are, they will never be able to provide the selection of what a real super-store can, stores that have more on the shelf than the entire state stocks.  They will never have the expertise that can be found in private retail. State stores will never be able to satisfy the consumer the way the private market can - just look at EVERYTHING else you buy to see that."

The Citizens also want to be able to buy wine in a grocery store to go with their meals as is the norm in over half the states.  "While the goal would be able to buy wine at the same checkout as the food purchase we realize that such freedom may come as a shock to a number of people and fully expect the PLCB to make it as inconvenient as possible in order to uphold their mission statement." said a previous Citizen's press release.


The Citizens represent most of the 12 million people in the Commonwealth who work in the southeast, northeast and central, western and all parts of  Pennsylvania in supermarkets, drug stores, food processing plants, government services, manufacturing facilities, nursing homes, professional offices, and all businesses, except Pennsylvania's "Fine" Wine and "Good" Spirits Stores.


Anonymous said...

Is this a Fox News story? Fast and loose with the facts but high on hyperbole. The quote "The Citizens represent most of the 12 million Pennsylvanians ..." Most likely not. First, there are only 9 million drinking age adults in PA. According to NIAAA only 70% have had a drink in the past year, so 6.3 million or 51% are at best consumers. What percent of those even care where they buy their alcohol? Let's say most (~80%) do not want to buy from the State, so at best 41% of Pennsylvanians would prefer to buy alcohol from the State. Your flamboyant writing would probably not sound as effective if the sentence was "The Citizens represents less than half of the 12 million Pennsylvanians ..." Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.


Lew Bryson said...

Must be terrible to be born with no sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Is it true the privatization Bill passed both the house and Senate today? I hear it's on way to wolf's desk? Have you heard anything?

Anonymous said...

Lew, very funny, but your article does not represent truth. And I am a privatization supporter saying this. The vast majority of The Citizens are unaware of how alcohol is sold outside Pennsylvania, so the state stores represent all they know. And ignorance is bliss.

Anonymous said...

First, not my article. I don't write the blog anymore.
Second, it's not an 'article,' it's clearly a tongue in cheek opinion. Clear to everyone but you,apparently.

Albert Brooks said...

If you want hyperbole read Wendell's press releases sometime and see who's has more truth in them, his or mine.