Thursday, June 18, 2015


In 1933...this was what you drove:

In 1933...this was how you washed clothes:

In 1933...your phone was only as smart as the operator:

In 2015...this is still how Pennsylvania sells liquor:

1933: brought to you by Pennsylvania's Democratic legislators, assisted by The Senate Republicans of SouthEast Pennsylvania, cheered on (and funded) by the UFCW. Ain't it great to buy booze like Great-Grampa did?


Anonymous said...

The store in Bridgeport (Montgomery County) has literally not changed AT ALL (except for new fixtures and signage) since the 1930s. How about taking pictures/making a video of it to demonstrate how out of touch the store, and by extension the whole PLCB, is with the community?

Albert Brooks said...

Since I'm nowhere near there and you already know where it is why don't YOU take some pictures or video and post it on the FB page?