Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What I Like about the PLCB

No, not that.
Err, maybe...
Ah, I got it!

It always reminds me why I shop out of state: for price, selection, and service.
Hop across the river and save.
You're not in your state store anymore

Yep, that is a real New Jersey Liquor store. 10,000 wines, over 4,000 spirits and 1,500 beers. 


Anonymous said...

One area in which ALL liquor stores in ALL states, regardless of their prestige, seem to fail is that of appearances and ambience. I wish all the retired luxury department store buildings in the country (prime example: the old John Wanamaker in Wilmington) could at least partly be restored into liquor stores, while keeping the original charm both inside and out.

Lew Bryson said...

There are some that manage to pull it off, but yeah, the sheer volume of a good selection tends to shape the stores.

Albert Brooks said...

"Consume mass quantities!" - Beldar