Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PLCB renews liquor license for convicted felon's nuisance bar: way to go, Joe!

Watch this video from Philly's NBC10, then tell me: is there any doubt that this is not just an agency that has outlived its usefulness, but one that is not even competent to perform the duties it has? After watching this report, I have to conclude that the PLCB has either made a policy of lying to the public, or has fostered such an atmosphere of incompetence that they actually don't know what they're doing. This is an agency in need of such re-working that it's time to do away with it. Tear it down, and start over, without the mistakes.


Mike.Winston said...

So.... what they're saying is you can just check 'No' and get away with whatever you've done?

AVB said...

So they had no idea eh? I guess they can't read their own internal documents. Can't check all applicants either.....humm they must be using all their manpower for beer raids instead.

Anonymous said...

Status quo in PA:

"Mr. Pflaumer grew up in North Philadelphia, where his father, also William, was a beer distributor. Mr. Pflaumer joined the business after graduating from Northeast High School.

In 1976, he bought Schmidt's for $15.9 million.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approved the purchase, ruling that Mr. Pflaumer was "of good repute" in giving him a license, even though he had a long history of legal troubles.

"He once illegally accepted $800,000 worth of free beer from a brewer [and] gave bar owners false invoices so that they could skim extra profits and make false tax deductions," an Inquirer series on the LCB reported in 1980.

"He had on his payroll people whose backgrounds included ties to organized crime and records as mob enforcers; one such employee had hit another man in the face - with a hatchet."

The series also reported on federal charges that he had pasted forged Schlitz, Piels, and Schaefer labels on kegs of Ballantine beer in the course of winning the Ballantine distribution business from a rival company.

At the time of the LCB approval, Mr. Pflaumer had two federal misdemeanor convictions for falsely labeling the Ballantine's and for conspiring to evade taxes."


Alcohol Server Certification said...

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board should also run a background check or give proper training to anyone who likes to get a Alcohol License.