Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Facebook page

This seemed like the right time to grab hold of the wave -- this blog just had its biggest day ever for hits yesterday, five times the previous highest day, and almost as much as the biggest day I ever had on Seen Through A Glass -- so I started a Facebook group: "Abolish the PLCB -- Rewrite the Code!" If you're on Facebook, come join us. We'll have tips on how to contact your legislators and what to say, advice on how and when to write letters/e-mails to newspapers, and maybe...we'll start talking about rallies and events. Stay tuned. This might be approaching critical mass.


Rich said...

Is this a new one or the same one that has been going?

Lew Bryson said...

New one, just started it, and we've got 400 members already.

Rich said...

Awesome, Lew! I'll be sure to join. The press this has been getting is amazing, maybe these raids were a blessing in disguise...it will be the tipping point that opens the eyes of our legislators on these issues. Thanks.