Monday, March 8, 2010


Here's the story on Action News. I especially liked this part:
Authorities stress if Hartranft thinks any of the confiscated beer is registered all he has to do is show them the paperwork. "We would happy to have for them to come down, show us they are registered. If they are they can sign the property record and take custody of them," explained Sgt. La Torre.
That would be the same Sgt. La Torre quoted in the Daily News today, I suppose.
State Police Sgt. William N. La Torre, commanding officer of the Philadelphia office of the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, said that he was not aware of any beers that had been mistakenly confiscated.
La Torre said that the beer would be kept in a secured location, as evidence, until the case is resolved, probably in six to eight months. If an administrative-law judge finds that the bars possessed unregistered brands, the State Police typically would seek a forfeiture order to destroy the beer, he said. Depending on the temperature of the storage location, some of the beer will likely turn sour in that period.
Maida said that the couple's attorney had told them that they have until 6 p.m. tonight to compile evidence to prove that the confiscated beer is properly registered.
And if they don't get the evidence by...oh, by two hours ago, they can't get the beer. The Sgt. La Torre on the TV, some time later on than the newspaper interview, sounds like a much more conciliatory man. I reckon he don't need a weatherman...


Brad said...

Meanwhile, the distributor/brewer/importer who didn't fulfill their obligation to register the beers gets to sit back while the lowly bar owner has to clean up the mess.

I sure hope for all you Pennsylvanians' sake that real changes come of this ludicrous scenario.

It looks as if at least one potentially powerful representative is not too happy with how this unfolded.

sam k said...

Wow Brad, what a crock of bullshit thewy're spreading! Every Wegmans, Sheetz, or whomever else must buy their beer FROM A LICENSED DISTRIBUTOR IN PENNSYLVANIA! Every bottle or can sold will still be purchased initially through an already licensed distributor.

Explain to me again...what's the problem here?