Monday, June 13, 2016

What happens when you "Free the Market" ?

When you don't have a police enforced state monopoly that needs to be "loosened up" for the Democratic convention you have this:

While not a real ad from Total Wine it is the reality of the difference between PA and the freedoms enjoyed by most states. The PLCB is why we can't have this. The PLCB is why we don't have the selection other places enjoy. The PLCB is why we will never have the convenience wanted by the majority of the citizens. Do you really think that being able to buy 4 bottles from a bar (since 95% of the licensed prerequisite places are bars) is the same as having 2400 real liquor stores?  And the PLCB is why we will never have the service found in stores that specialize where the owners livelihood depends on the customer coming back not because they have nowhere else they can go but because they want too.

In real stores the customer is king, not the clerks. Privatize.

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