Monday, May 23, 2016

Chuck McIlhinney gives it to us again

Senator Chuck McIlhinney, the current Chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee (the Senate committee responsible for liquor laws, among others), again proves that there isn't a law he won't muck up. As far as any "Justice" for the citizens goes, the very idea eludes him.

He has not only sent the "National Event License" bill (HB 1196) out of his committee to the full Senate (which then immediately approved it by a shameful 50-0 vote), he braggingly explained it to reporters like this: "Bring your booze, have it at your party, enjoy yourself responsibly, and then go home." (This ignores the fact that ordinary Pennsylvanians have not been allowed to do that for well over 50 years.) Having proven time after time that he doesn't have the stones to admit that the Pennsylvania liquor monopoly is a joke nationwide, he instead tries to hide the abomination we all have to live and deal with by doing special favors, bending the rules for political reasons. 

I live by these should too.
When you start treating those who govern differently than those they govern, there is a problem. It's called entitlement. And it's not so much that he thinks he and his fellow politicians are entitled but that the almost 13 million citizens of the Commonwealth aren't. That we don't deserve to be freed from the idiocy of the PLCB and their little fiefdom of incompetence, but that those who in some way, some how, can or may give him an imaginary pat on the back or "contribution," shouldn't have their party spoiled by the state monopoly's crap booze selection and non-existent licensee service.

Or in his words "....we're not going to put it in our liquor stores for four days and then sell it to them and then have to be stuck with it" Except that if it isn't in the stores now it has to be ordered by SLO, which means that it is at least half paid for already! The PLCB won't be "stuck" with anything since they have half the money already and still can sell the product.  What kind of idiot in charge of PLCB legislation doesn't know how the PLCB works?

If screwing the public out of private liquor and wine sales with his propaganda show-trial "public hearings"* wasn't bad enough, he now thinks that flaunting his incredibly bad decision-making is something the public wants to see and hear about. Is Chuck a  tool of anti-privatization? A tool of the beer distributors? A secret tool of the Democrats? Or maybe...just a tool.

We need less unfair Law and a lot more Justice from you and your committee, Senator.

*Which strangely enough, didn't have any members of the actual public involved.  No citizens that didn't have interest groups or businesses behind them were invited, and only a token few of those that were in favor of privatization, even though we comprise a majority of the people.

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