Monday, July 6, 2015

Government test

Just a little quiz to see if we should have state stores or something else.

1. The Government should provide:

A. State Police
B. Wine

2. The Government should provide:

A. A business environment conducive to new business and entrepreneurial spirit within regulations.
B. Wine 

3. The Government should provide:

A. An environment that allows business to expand and grow thus increasing employment and tax revenue
B. Jobs selling wine

4. The Government should provide:

A. Regulations to protect the citizens from inferior or dangerous products
B. Wine made under contract to the detriment of in state businesses.

5. The Government should provide:

A. Education
B. Classes on how to say please and thank you

6. The Government should provide:

A. A codified system of rules
B. A varied interpretation of the rules so what isn't allowed 2 weeks ago is OK now.

7. The Government should provide: 

A. Clean air and water through regulation and standards
B. Wine

1. You get to make up your own mind.  The State Police budget is almost $200 million less than the PLCB budget. 

2. A is correct, The Government should provide for the ability of a business to sell any legal product.

3. A is correct. Small business growth drives the economy.

4. A is correct. The Government should protect the citizens and not try to undermine them financially by directly competing in the free market against their product.

5. A is correct.  If you have education you should know B already

6. A is correct, consistency in law is a requirement for government, Changes at the whim of a non-elected entity without legislative approval are not.

7. The answer is A. Regulation and standards are how government controls business entities within the state.

If you answered B to any question you need more help than is available here.

Don't be backward, don't be Utah, be normal.



Anonymous said...

I find it ironically hilarious that on Facebook, Wendell Young filled in the "political views" column with the single word "progressive". He may be "progressive" in a political sense (liberal) but the word "progressive" is also used in the retail industry to mean "innovative" and the PLCB sure isn't that. Wendell sure isn't using the word in the same sense as the magazine called "Progressive Grocer" is.

Also, to the authors of this blog, I have a suggestion for a politician who could really push for privatization: Tom McGarrigle of Delaware County. He is a Republican who very recently replaced Edwin Erickson (who I believe retired but I could be wrong) and at one time owned a gas station/auto repair business.

I don't know McGarrigle personally and I promise that NOBODY told me or paid me to recommend him. He seems like a good one to take on the PLCB because his own office is in the same building as a PLCB store. That may sound irrelevant, but his predecessor Erickson personally goaded the PLCB into adding a HUGE walk-in chilled wine room to its store on his property. I'm sure Erickson was pro-privatization, but knowing how long and difficult fighting the PLCB/UFCW alliance would be, at least wanted to push the PLCB to open a much better state store than they normally would have. I'm not sure about this, but I certainly have a feeling they put up a fight before they caved in and granted his request.

Anonymous said...

Lets do what crapgame said in kellys heroes, lets make a deal, maybe their republican. Hey lets get our foot in the door on privatization and go from there, because at this point, i will continue to buy in delaware.

Albert Brooks said...

That made me think of this:

Government should provide:

A: Good roads for the free and easy transport of trade to and from the state
B: Wine

Anonymous said...

This 1979 article tells us that at that time, state stores were deliberately placed in inconvenient locations:

Gosh, a far cry from Convenience 2020, eh?

Albert Brooks said...

Nice find!

Anonymous said...

Honestly why in 1979 would someone have written an article defending the control system?

Lew Bryson said...

Because there are dupes and suckers in every age.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that in the days of counter stores, PLCB stores actually had a better bourbon/whiskey/scotch selection than they do today? I seem to remember reading that somewhere but it sounds absurd.

Lew Bryson said...

Seems highly unlikely, given that there simply weren't as many Scotch whisky bottlings back then. Single malts really took off in the late 1980s and 1990s.
Of course, they had plenty of crap American blends.