Tuesday, February 25, 2014

News Flash! More ethics problems at the PLCB

In the "Hardly Shocking" Department...

On February 21st, an ethics complaint was filed against PLCB Director of Regulatory Affairs Jerry Waters. It is not the position of this blog to say if he is guilty or not but to report that the violation has been filed. The complaint is listed below (without the numerous pages of supporting documents).

This is yet another ethics complaint filed over the past few years on senior PLCB members, like former CEO Joe Conti, Director of Marketing Jim Short, former Board Chairman PJ Stapleton, and others.  We, the public, have been waiting for the Attorney General to release her decision for some time. Requests are met with the standard "We cannot discuss ongoing investigations" statement. There is some backroom chatter that the the violations have been referred to federal authorities; now wouldn't that be sweet?

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