Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Privatization Works - An Update

In my post Privatization Works earlier this month I mentioned that I didn't have any employment figures for Alberta.  Thanks to the good folks at the Commonwealth Foundation we do now.  They report that employment went from 1,300 when the government ran things to 4,000 after privatization.
Alberta only has 3.75 million residents, Pennsylvania has 12.75 million. - you do the math.  The union myth that jobs will decrease because of privatization is not true.  It wasn't true in West Virginia, it isn't true in Alberta and it certainly isn't true in Washington.

The legislature is back in session so be sure to write, call or visit your representative or senator and tell them that you want them to get off their ass and do something for the consumer and not the special interests - privatize.  (Just do it nicely)

Privatization IS Modernization, accept nothing less.


Lew Bryson said...

Might take a look at this:

The "grand bargain" he proposes is something legislators should consider: pass the transportation bill with a SEPTA sweetener; pass the Medicaid expansion (with mostly federal money) which the Republicans don't want; pass liquor privatization which the Democrats don't want. It is a compromise where everyone gives in on something they don't want to get something they do want...or, in the case of the transportation bill, something we all need. Such a deal!

Albert Brooks said...

Good point Lew. Politics is supposed to be the art of compromise.