Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Main Street Does It Better"

The National Federation of Independent Businesses did the following video about liquor privatization. It doesn't need much comment. This is all stuff that we see all the time. We know this. Send it to your Senator, and ask them why they want Pennsylvania to continue to lose this tax revenue, and why they want to continue to send Pennsylvanians out of state.


Sandy said...

There will be no more main street if the big box & big grocery stores get rid of the LCB & State stores & beer distributors. They do not support small group that local stores do.

DO NOT give Alcohol sales away.

Sandy said...

There will no longer be any Main Street if the state does away with beer distributors, liquor stores.
The BIG Box stores and Big grocery stores have already decimated communities. Main streets dry up every day due to them. So I say you are wrong. DO not support privatization.

Lew Bryson said...

Fear-mongering. The big box stores have not taken over liquor retail in any state. The Legislature can write privatization laws to keep them from doing it. And the State Stores often move out of Main Street; I've read plenty of news stories about it. They have no connection to local communities, they are run like puppets from Harrisburg.

So I say you are wrong. DO support privatization.