Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Senator Pippy: entire liquor code "in play"

Just a quick note: check out this story quoting Sen. John Pippy, chair of the Senate liquor control committee. (Thanks to Purnell Jones for the link.) Here's the money shot:
House Majority Leader Mike Turzai said he does not want to see his bill to privatize liquor sales potentially bogged down by becoming an omnibus liquor reform measure. While he expects to honor Turzai’s desire to deal with privatization in a separate bill, Republican John Pippy, chairman of the Senate committee that vets liquor legislation, said other issues related to updating Pennsylvania liquor laws will be on the table, albeit on a different track.  “All those issues are going to be in play anyways,” Pippy said. “As the chairman of the [Senate] Law and Justice Committee I’ve said we are going to look at everything. I think we need to modernize Pennsylvania liquor law.”
That's right, folks. As the late Senator Donatucci told me after the beer registration raid hearings last spring, we're moving into an activist phase concerning liquor legislation in PA. Things are going to happen. So we gotta push. I've written to my legislators and Governor Corbett (and I'll be talking to my state rep later this week about privatization, at his invitation): get on the line and do likewise!

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