Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joe "CEO" Conti weeps for his threatened empire

Philadelphia Daily News political columnist John Baer writes on Representative Turzai's privatization plan here, and it's a good one. His first reaction to Turzai's idea: "I'll drink to that." It gets better from there.

Baer talks to Joe "CEO" Conti at the end of the piece. It's too good, too delicious not to quote Conti's "Why me, Lord, why me?" cri de I will.
Also, CEO Joe Conti tells me that past studies say that over time the LCB provides the state more money than a private system promises. He adds, "The board and our agency work diligently to increase the revenue we return to taxpayers, and we let the Legislature and the governor deliberate over privatization.
As if you could stop them! And let's not forget that you're fleecing the taxpayers to get that 'revenue' in the first place. But I like Baer's response to Conti's "and we let the Legislature and the governor deliberate over privatization" line:
"I hope they do - if not this year, then soon."

Yeah. That's about all this Repeal-era relic deserves.


Nathan Benefield said...

As a House member in 1997, Conti co-sponsored liquor store privatization legislation.

Lew Bryson said...

Awesome. In fact, ROTFLMAO.