Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wine sales? Keep them in the State Store, please

With the opening of the first State Store grocery just around the corner on Tuesday, here's something to make you think about just how unfair that is. Read about why it just doesn't make sense to serve wine in Pennsylvania. Then think about why some of you don't understand why it would make sense to get rid of the State Store System monopoly. And come to your senses, will you?

I swear, I'm going to stop buying anything at the State Stores, law be damned. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of a mass protest that someone thought up: a thousand wine lovers go to NJ, and walk back across the Ben Franklin Bridge with a bottle of New Jersey-bought wine. Are they going to arrest us? This is more than ridiculous: it's insulting.


Josh T said...

call the media and set a date for the bridge crossing, i wouldn't mind doing it on repeal day.

Anonymous said...

For them to get rid of the state system, they found a way around the law,they get the wine in the grocery stores and end up selling a license to that grocery store and then turning the control to the supper markets, every thing is done in steps so they can get it right, it does take time but the state will give up half the stores first and then eventually all of them, the time is at hand..