Monday, December 21, 2009

"How to Avoid Selling Wine in Pennsylvania"

Nicely done piece on the "wine kiosks" at Vinography; go have a look.

Here's how it starts:

So if you had a bunch of grocery stores, and those grocery stores sold wine, but you didn't really want people to buy any wine, what would you do?

One of the things you might consider doing would be to lock all the wine away in cabinets, so that people couldn't touch the bottles.
And it goes on in that vein, brilliantly. Seriously, folks, as the commenters to the post say: why aren't Pennsylvanians more insulted by this?


Michael Pollack said...

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

Sam Komlenic said...

This whole concept is as Orwellian as it gets, and as bizarre as one can possibly imagine. All the feedback at Vinography and the Patriot-News is negative, 100%.
What are the chances any of Rendell's boys are paying attention?

Anonymous said...

What happens when the kiosks become self aware?

Lew Bryson said...

I suspect the kiosks will then start drinking their own product, and shortly thereafter will become depressed by the limited selection.

Brendan said...

how much do each of these stupid machines, that no one will use, cost?