Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Divesting the PLCB: how and why

Two years ago the Reason Foundation presented a study to the PA Legislature on how and why we should privatize the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. It's online here, and you should really go take a look. It lays out several options -- full divestiture (my personal favorite), retail only (the State continues as the sole wholesaler), a slow transition, a pilot project approach, local divestiture (bad idea; more confusion is not what we need), and a public/private partnership (private company managing state stores? I'll pass on that) -- and does the pros and cons on each.

Feel free to send this to your state legislators with your advice.

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sam k said...

Unrelated, but my latest gripe about the good old PLCB: I refer to their web site a lot, and until a couple of months ago, you could download whatever specials were coming next month at anytime during the month prior.

Here it is the 10th of September, and the site tells me that "Next month's sales are currently not available...check back daily!"

They're kidding, right? DAILY? Weekly would be too soon. This situation's certainly deteriorating daily, though!

Check it out here if you like. Click on "Download next month's sale items."