Friday, August 7, 2009

In Washington State: close LCB offices, open more stores!

And in other states, part 2:

The Kitsap, WA Sun is reporting that the Washington State Liquor Control Board will be closing four offices in a cost-cutting measure in the midst of their state's budget crisis, and opening more stores and expanding operations at others to increase sales. Yeah, baby, that's control. Judging from the comments posted so far, the WSLCB isn't any more popular with the citizenry than the PLCB is.

This is a new thought for how to kill your state liquor control agency: starve it to death. After all, abolishing the PLCB doesn't have to happen all at once. I'd be happy to see it die a slow and lingering death over a year or long as it starts now.

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Anonymous said...

This will be a slow turnover,the ex ceo of weis markets, was pick to head the store operations, part of it. S o privatization is comming, it just takes a while. The Gov is trying to get all his people he owes favors to in line first. I will give it 2 to 4 years. The contracts for managers union and the clerks union will be up at the end of June 2011 and the trucking company contract also. So it is a wait and see game. bruz