Friday, February 13, 2009

One the Inquirer did print

Although the Inky didn't print my 'privatize the PLCB' letter you see below, they did print this one today, which brings up a beautiful point I've made here before. Maybe mine was too long...

Selling a monopoly
With the state trying to balance its budget in these difficult economic times, I would like to know why my tax dollars are being spent on radio advertising campaigns for the wine and spirit liquor stores in Pennsylvania. A monopoly in the marketplace, such as the Liquor Control Board, has no need to solicit for customers. By the way, this state-controlled business should be privatized.

Brenda Webster

Go, Brenda! If you see letters like this in your local paper, send me a link. I'll get 'em up here.

(BTW, now that the blog's living and breathing again...I've got my regular reader from the State government in Harrisburg again. Good to have you back, hope you're taking notes! The word for today is privatize.)


Joe Roberts said...

I just want to say how good it is to have you back!

When I was railing against the (arguably unconstitutional and communist-like monopoly of) the PLCB on my website (, I would frequently get PLCB / Harrisburg visitors on the site, some for *hours*.

I figured either that they were scoping me out, or printing out my witty and enlightening articles to pass around the office.

Either way, I'm glad they are watching!

Cheers - keep up the good fight!

Lew Bryson said...

Heh. It makes me nervous when I go in a State Store and hand over my debit card, I keep expecting one of the clerks to say, "Oh. You're him." HA! I was discussing an event with a bar owner in the area, and he said he'd have to apply for a one-day extension of premises...and he looked right at me, smiled, and said, "I won't mention your name."

Notoriety. I love it.

Unknown said...

With government, State and US, it's always about controlling our behavior. PL Control B. Same goes for laws telling bar/restaurant owners that they can't allow smoking, which happens to be legal, just like alcohol. Never mind that bars/restaurants were already free to do that on their own. Same with alcohol, this system we have doesn't do anything it ostensibly was supposed to do and never mind that we can and should make our own decisions, the government ( or a special interest ) always knows what's best. BTW - I'm not a smoker, I do lean toward a Libertarian philosophy though.