Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm still mad...

Sorry about the lapse in posting. I haven't posted here (or at Seen Through A Glass) much in the past week because I've been busy writing for work and because it's that time of year when parents have things to do for their exceptional kids. My son's leaving for the national finals of the National Catholic Forensics League today; my daughter is winding up her final year of primary school and had her last school concert Monday night. I've been winding up the latest issue of Malt Advocate (a major issue in which we are introducing three new regular features, two of which I'm writing) and an overload of beer writing, while getting ready for five lectures in the next eight days.

None of which feeds your need for Reasons Why the PLCB Should Be Abolished, I know. Just letting you know that we should be back on track soon, picking up where I left off two weeks ago.


Rich said...

Sorry, I'd vote for L.C. Bee, but the case law just drives me nuts and has got to go.

Harry Spade said...

*sarcasm alert*

Mr Bryson, us anti-alcohol folks know gosh-darn well that those of you who partake of wine, spirits, and beer are all for the destruction of the family and ruining people's lives and neighborhoods. All this talk about supporting your children and blah blah blah isn't fooling anyone.

*end sarcasm alert*

Sorry. I'm feeling punchy today and couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...


how about another category

all of the above. that is where my vote would be.


Jack Curtin said...

In case you missed this:

(I had to break it into three lines to fit and the link might not work unless you restore in to a single line)

sam k said...

Hey Jack,

Good link, and it emphasizes perhaps the best current reason to abolish the PLCB...the fact that patronage can't seem to be kept out of the mix. We had a good thing with Chairman Newman, which was obvious to me as strictly a whiskey drinker. Forcing Newman out to serve up a Rendell crony really stinks up the joint!

Makes me wish all the best for the folks in Delaware!