Friday, March 11, 2016

Did the PLCB lie in front of the House or the Senate?

Liquor Control Board members recently spoke to the House and the Senate, and appear to have made contradictory statements in the two sessions. Did they lie when they told the House Appropriations Committee that they can't negotiate prices with suppliers, or when they told the Senate Appropriations Committee that they can? It had to be one of them.

Make up your own mind; you can hear exactly what they said.

In front of the House Appropriations Committee at about 2:43 in, PLCB Chairman Tim Holden says they can't negotiate. See that here.
Then in front of the Senate Appropriations Committee, at about 1:23:46 in, Executive Director John Metzger, with the Chairman sitting right there, says they can.  See that here.
So if the Chairman is correct, that they can't, then the Board has been and is just the normal bunch of incompetents we have come to expect. If they can negotiate, then the Board doesn't care about the consumer and is too lazy to try and get a better price.

Are either of those choices what we want to keep, and why have they lasted 82 years?

Solve the problem - Privatize and let real business handle business.

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