Sunday, April 27, 2014

Would Privatization Kill Children?

To go with last year's “Non-union employee-sold booze killed my Daddy” commercial, you may have seen the newest propaganda from the State Store clerks union about how increased availability of beer and wine will lead to the downfall of civilization as we know it. Among other lying lies from the big fat liars at the UFCW media lying office, the ad says that North Carolina put in "a similar law" and it's killing one "child" every week from underage drinking.

The idea that they can trace the death of one underage drinker (who are, BTW, usually 18 and older, hardly the toddlers pictured in the ad) per week directly to this law and ONLY this ludicrous. But here are some even bigger things they don’t tell you about crazy loose boozy North Carolina vs. wonderfully 'controlled' Pennsylvania.
  • North Carolina has a lower rate of high BAC fatalities than Pennsylvania 
  • North Carolina has a 39% lower rate of women 18-44 who binge drink than Pennsylvania
  • North Carolina has a 26% lower alcohol use rate for women 18-44 than Pennsylvania 
  • North Carolina has a lower Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder rate than Pennsylvania 
  • North Carolina has a better rating from MADD than Pennsylvania 
  • North Carolina's DUI fatality rate is the same as Pennsylvania 
  • North Carolina's overall binge drinking rate is 17% lower than Pennsylvania’s 
  • North Carolina is also one of the 17 alcohol control states, like Pennsylvania 
  • North Carolina liquor stores are checked for underage sales. Pennsylvania's are not. 
  • North Carolina allows beer and wine sales in grocery stores.  

It would be an improvement if Pennsylvania were more like North Carolina, but it will be even better if we privatized.



sam k said...

Hey Al, there's no PLCB online store tonight. Dead site for the time being for whatever reason.

Oh, to live in Delaware!

Albert Brooks said...

Its working for me. Not that I want anything from the PLCB.

sam k said...

So I watched the commercial tonight. We're killing children on playgrounds through privatization! Help us, Jesus!