Monday, April 15, 2013

Tell your Senator everything the PLCB's doing!

I copied this from a Facebook post; I don't think the original poster will mind. The idea is that while the Senators fiddle and diddle and talk about "modernizing" the PLCB instead of privatizing it -- privatization that the majority of Pennsylvanians continue to support -- we should remind the Senate what a great job the PLCB is doing. So...get on the phone, send an email, and let your Senator know that the PLCB deserves credit for all the things they're doing!
  • Tell them that you really thought the wine kiosks were innovative 
  • that you thought the date-rape ads were on target 
  • that your mother liked the vodka 
  • that you didn't mind that your wine sat in an non-air conditioned trailer in the summer 
  • that you think the PLCB didn't have anything better to spend the now $35 million+ in computer cost overruns on 
  • that bringing back the CEO under investigation for graft is a great idea 
  • that TableLeaf is the best thing since the PLCB spent over $4 million to rename Wine and Spirits to Fine Wine and Good Spirits
  • that you're impressed with the string of record annual sales figures (and the bookkeeping skills needed to explain why the net assets of the PLCB are negative)
  • that thy have an amazing jobs program going that has more employees now with 601 stores then there were with 692 stores in 2000
  • that it's great that the PLCB spend more on advertising than on education
  • that they're saving money as the 3rd largest purchaser of wine in the world by not bothering to have a trained sommelier on staff?
  • that smile training should be mandatory for all state workers (especially when you can keep it "all in the family")
  • that you really appreciate having 90 stores less than there were in 2000 so there wouldn't be a liquor store on every corner. 
Pretty amazing when you add it all up, isn't it? Remember: call your senator today...and then call them again next week. And the following week. And so on, till you get a good reason why they'd rather vote against what the citizens want than for it.


Albert Brooks said...

I don't mind at all, in fact you can add some things in there too if you want like:

With the last decade+ of having record sales why are the net assets of the PLCB negative?

Why are there more employees now with 601 stores then there were with 692 stores in 2000?

Why does the PLCB spend more on advertising then education?

How big are the TV's in the PLCB wine tasting room?

As the 3rd largest purchaser of wine in the world why doesn't the PLCB have a sommelier on staff?

I'm sure you can think of more.

Anonymous said...

The "courtesy training" always annoyed me. They could have saved thousands just by hiring people who knew how to deal with retail customers and who had a desire to learn the business. And there are plenty of us hidden in the system. I'm just so tired of the rest making us look bad.

Anonymous said...

Check out Franklin and Marshall poll :)

Lew Bryson said...

Big deal. One poll, that -- if you look at the actual data -- mostly polled seniors, who have always polled weakest on privatization. And you'll note that there are still more people in favor of privatization than in leaving it as it is. Don't change your pants just yet.

Anonymous said...

That's a lie. When the question is asked honestly, whether you would prefer modernization, privatization, or leaving the stores the way they are now, privatization lags behind. The privatize or not question sets up a false dilemma. Booze just doesn't get the love it used to from a mostly sober population. BTW, if you ever thought about anything but alcohol you would know Pa has the second oldest population in US.

Lew Bryson said...

And if they got the HONEST details on what "modernization" actually means? They'd laugh in your face. Terry Madonna himself (the pollster) has said that this poll mostly reflects ups and downs of the campaign, and probably reflects Corbett's unpopularity.

And you know, I DO think about alcohol a lot; it's my job, writing about it. So I probably know more about it than you do, and more about the business, too.

Meanwhile about the age? "61% of poll respondents were 55 or older which is way out of line with state demographics which place those 55 and older at just over 25%." Smoke that.

Anonymous said...

Zero for Two in hearings, not lookin too good

Lew Bryson said...

Really? I'd call today a draw. But given the blatant way McIlhinney is stacking the deck, I'm okay with it.