Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Country Heard From

Literally, as in Canada. I just got an e-mail from Cass Enright at BarTowel (a great Ontario beer/bar website that I've used and endorsed in the past). Cass has started a blog dedicated to dumping Ontario's monopolistic -- duopolistic? -- beer retail system -- known by the deadly simple name of The Beer Store -- in the dustbin of history where it belongs: Free Our Beer. Rebellion thrives; welcome aboard.

An Ontarian has started an online petition: "We the people of Ontario demand that The Ontario Government immediately remove the monopoly currently enjoyed by The Beer Store. The people of Ontario demand that the Ontario Government allow beer to be sold and distributed through existing and regular grocery and food store channels."

Does that sound like something we should start? Think Pennsylvanians would sign that petition?


Harry Spade said...

I'll sign it. Just show me where.

If nothing else it might be an interesting way to gauge public opinion and awareness of the abolishment position. I suspect you're aiming higher than that though.

Rich said...

I'd be on board.