Friday, April 25, 2008

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One Man's Fight

With stubborn reason
He tackles hypocrisy,
politics, and greed.

And so "Why The PLCB Should Be Abolished" (should've thought of a catchy acronym when I was naming this thing) is immortalized by Captain Hops at Beer Haiku Daily.

Another Marylander (but native Pennsylvanian), the inimitable Sandy Mitchell, noted the blog with a post titled "The Case Against Pa.'s Liquor Control Board."

Meanwhile, PA bloggers are noticing too.

At Muckney Brewing, it's "Lew Starts Some Shi..." with a first line of "And I'm sure, in short order, the fan it will hit."

Over on Nate's Beer and Brewing Blog it's "Lew Takes on the 800-lb Gorilla."

At Kevin Rowe's Philadelphia Area's Cask Ale blog, he notes the arrival of WTPLCBSBA (that's not really going to work, is it?) and says: "Please tell everyone you know about this." calls it the PLCB Abolition Movement...hey, there's an acronym.

There was even this on (a blog about...drugs): "Lew Bryson has a new blog titled Why The PLCB Should Be Abolished. It’s about (duh) Why the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board should be abolished; like a lot of Bryson’s writing, it’s entertaining and convincing."

Thanks! Keep spreading the word.

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Brad said...


Fantastic new blog. I hope this will be part of a larger movement to bring sanity to your state.

I've given you some dap on my blog, though I doubt anyone -- much less Pennsylvanians -- will read it.